VBEC Committees

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Events Committee: The VBEC Events Committee will plan and implement 9-12 events for VBEC members annually. The Events Committee’s responsibilities are:

  • To assist the VBEC Director in contacting member companies to host visits and/or other educational programs at their site. 
  • To work with companies to formulate learning objectives and desired outcomes of their site visit for VBEC members. 
  • To help identify other topics and/or activities of interest to consortium members and options for speakers and programs. 
  • To assist in assessing various program options and develop recommendations for Board of Advisors approval. 
    • To work with the Board and the Director to plan an event calendar for the year.

2013 Events Committee Members
David Crawford, Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals

Seaver Woolfolk, Super Radiator Coils
Glenn Marshall
Mathew Sullivan, Newport News Shipbuilding
Lauren Keeter, Newport News Shipbuilding
Scott Payne, Newport News Shipbuilding
Karen Davis, VCU
Matthew Stewart, Ukrop's Homestyle Foods, LLC
Jacob McKenna, Hoover and Strong

Membership Committee: The VBEC Membership Committee will assist in the development and growth of the VBEC membership. The Membership Committee’s responsibilities are:

  • To identify sources for potential new members
  • To serve as ambassadors and as a ‘sales force’ for the consortium, promoting the benefits of VBEC
  • To expand opportunities for membership interaction
  • To set membership goals annually
  • To identify and recommend value-added benefits for the membership
  • To develop a membership retention strategy

2013 Membership Committee Members
Steven Hall, Capital One
Lauren Keeter, Newport News Shipbuilding

Stephen Hoard, Hill Phoenix
Gary Larson, Ukrop's Homestyle Foods, LLC

Communications Committee: The VBEC Communications Committee will assist in the development and implementation of a VBEC Communications/Marketing Plan. The Communications Committee’s responsibilities are:

  • To work with the Director and the Board of Advisors to develop a marketing and publicity plan for the consortium
  • To identify sources for appropriate methods for marketing the consortium to external audiences
  • To support the marketing and solicitation process as needed and per agreed-upon plan

2013 Communications Committee Members
Donnie Robinson, Dominion Resources
Paul Bolest, GENEDGE Alliance

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