Your company should be a member of the Virginia Business Excellence Consortium (VBEC) if...
...your company wants to share best practices about process excellence
...your company wants to increase their competitiveness
...your company could use some help in implementing advanced business practices to improve processes, operations and worker skill levels
...your company wants to be part of increasing economic prosperity for the Commonwealth of Virginia

Who are VBEC's members?
VBEC is open to all sizes and types of businesses in VIrginia. Sizes currently range from 35 employees to 21,000, making VBEC a diverse group that provides learning and sharing opportunities no matter how large or small the member company is or what kind of business they are in. VBEC members learn from one another about improving their businesses. Being a VBEC member requires only a dues payment and a commitment to share initiatives and results with others.

What are the benefits of VBEC Membership?
VBEC membership provides member companies with the opportunity to...

...develop a network of individuals in a variety of companies and industries that you can call for advice and assistance in implementing business improvements
...go behind the scenes of other businesses and see how they operate, how they are implementing improvements, what their challenges are and how they are addressing them
…take advantage of expertise in other companies and leverage resources for training, learning and problem-solving
…access to various external educational and training resources and speakers...receive discounts on training/educational programs offered by affiliate members

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